Youtube. It’s all downhill from here.

NOTE: This channel is on indefinite hiatus while I focus on other things. Two months of trying things out wasn’t bad. I may return to it in the future, but maybe not with the podcast. Only time will tell.

Heyo, I am starting a Youtube channel. Click the image below to go to it.


Its name is also terrenceswiff. Right now I’m going to start a show I call “Manga Chat”. It’s basically a visual podcast where I speak about what manga I read throughout the week. Every week, I’ll be reading something new that I am not currently following. Or, well, that’s the hope. Do tell if you have any recommendations I don’t know of. Like with my essays but with less eloquence since I am not the best speaker, I will try to bring up interesting thoughts and criticisms on the chapters/series. If I don’t have anything like that to say, I probably won’t review it for the week. Anyway, here’s the first episode of the show:

It’s “visual” because while I talk I show off manga pages/panels (and other images on occasion), usually the pages/panels crawl from left to right/right to left, but sometimes they do other things. In my honest opinion I think it looks pretty neat, and may be a nice way of talking about manga (a visual medium) in a video. There’s also pleasant Touhou music arrangements!

I vaguely plan to do more with the channel than that, but I am new to ALL of this. We will see in time. This effort shouldn’t interfere with my reviewing. I’ve tried to make this as easy on me as possible.

That’s all. See ya.


5 thoughts on “Youtube. It’s all downhill from here.

  1. Golden Kamui – yes! Excellent series, looking forward to your full review on it.

    On a side note, although I only listened to a few parts of your video, your voice seems to quiet compared to the music – I have to concentrate in order to pick it out. Anyway, props to you for doing it! Heaven knows how I would sound giving a podcast.

    • I think I’ve been refraining from a full review because Golden Kamui is so awesome there’s a lot I’d have to say about it. Thanks for listening!

      And yeah, I think with episode 2 this shouldn’t be a problem. I had the levels way too attuned to my own ears (which are really sensitive) and thus it sounds quiet overall. I’m glad folks have pointed things out so that I can work to improve.

      And, oh, back to Golden Kamui — holy SHIT the last two chapters! They were really fun to talk about.

  2. Haha yes, they were amazing! They were totally frenetic and played out like a Jackie Chan movie. Brilliantly choreographed, really. I absolutely love how chaotic this series is. It’s kind of similar to Queen’s Artist in that respect, that it mixes up a hodgepodge of different elements somehow to form a brilliant story.

    It’s just so fun to see the varying factions interact and fight with each other, especially when all of them are fucking nuts and yet so loveable!

    I think that you’re spot on that Yuusha ga Shinda is best read in chunks. The pacing doesn’t really work that well when reading weekly (monthly?), and the current arc feels like it has been dragging on for too long. Fortunately it will be wrapping up pretty soon.

    Your comment on the perfect ending for a side couple in AnoKo… made me suddenly realise something. I fucking love good supporting characters. They add so much more in terms of enjoyment when done correctly. Series like Ore Monogatari would be inanely boring without the presence of people like Suna, a total bro. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Golden Kamui, Sakamoto Desu Ga – all of them would fall flat without the fantastic supporting cast.

    At this point I’m rambling (it’s pretty late!) but awesome selection of manga, man. Guess I’ll sleep now.

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