Out of the Blue!


This little series makes me so mad.

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ib – instant bullet –



“99% of the people in this world are able to achieve happiness.
The 1% that aren’t able to obtain something so common are undoubtedly out there somewhere.
Those who have a reason to do something like destroy the world are always around.”

-Himeura Sera

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Denki-gai no Honya-san

extra lewd

So, this is a weird warning.

This manga is shameless, and yet fanservice occurs extremely rarely.
It’s a perverted series to be sure, but most of the time it’s fine.
If you don’t like dirty words, though, or lots of talk about porn, stay away.
Should you be pure of heart, consider this 18+, not safe for work..


This is a weird manga for weird people, and yet…

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Golden Kamuy


Whuh oh, hold up a second.
This isn’t a lewdness warning,
this is a gore warning.
This series features extreme violence.
If you don’t have the stomach for that sort of thing,
you may want to turn back.


How often do you find a manga that’s pretty much good in every single way?

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