Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru


She’s talking about The Neverending Story here. Yes, that Neverending Story. No person who likes The Neverending Story can be anything less than “the best”.

Wow, I’m already getting ahead of myself. Let’s see… Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru (狼少年は今日も嘘を重ねる, The boy who cried wolf tells a lie today also) is a romance series from namo (yeah, just namo, no moonrunes) that, at the time of this writing, I very much hesitate to recommend. Is it a bad series? No, but it easily could be. I am having faith that it will go in the direction I suspect it’s going, rather than the direction that is common to anime and manga. That is to say: this is a love triangle manga where the second heroine is leaps, bounds, and miles better than the main heroine (the “first girl”). She is the best “best girl” I’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering.

So, sit down with me here and let’s be real for a second: this is extremely common. Okay, not exactly — it isn’t often a heroine aside from the main heroine is this much better, but it’s usually the case that other heroines (or heroes, if the protagonist is a girl/into that) in manga have more compelling writing to them, aren’t as generic, and present a more exciting or believable option for the MC (main character) to go for. Although that is the case, it rarely comes to pass, and it’s rarely so noticeable that it practically becomes a series’ selling point. I can count two manga aside from Ookami Shounen that had drastically more interesting secondary love interests: The World God Only Knows and Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa. Kagami no Kuni is terrible: don’t read it. Don’t do it, man. TWGOK was once upon a time my favorite manga series, but the final arc was abysmal — genuinely abysmal, which is shocking because the arc previous to it was the best in the series but — okay, okay, rein it in… TWGOK didn’t actually have a character you could call a “main heroine” — that was the whole point of it, so it was actually really impressive for that. I won’t say how the series ends (just that I saw it coming for years, HELL YEAH), but it leads to a way that could feel like “anything could happen, but if you were paying attention this ending was the only one that made sense”. So now that I’ve said that: know that it is almost a guarantee that the secondary heroines you begin to root for will “lose” the quintessential “bowl” for the MC’s heart, and be subsequently left in sorrow or worse — paired off lazily with characters that don’t make sense.

So we have Ookami Shounen. Not since TWGOK/Kaminomi have I felt so confident that a series is going the way I want it to in terms of romance and themes, is doing it well, and makes complete and total sense. But, just like with TWGOK, I am not certain what I desire will come to pass. So, when I recommend this to you, you need to know this: it is either going to make you very happy by the ending, or completely fucking pissed off. There will be no middle ground, this shit is all or nothing. Understand? Okay.


Alright, Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru has a few things about it you need to know before going in aside from my ranting about shipping and coupling. Firstly, Ookami Shounen features crossdressing from the main character: rather egregious crossdressing that you need to suspend your disbelief for. That said, it’s not a gender bender. The protagonist is a guy and that’s all there is to it: he doesn’t consider himself the opposite sex/have gender identity concerns. The series is not actually about those kinds of things, and the crossdressing is just an element of the manga. So, if you were worried about that, it’s not a theme here, and if you wanted that, sorry. After that, aside from being a romance this is also a slice of life/comedy manga that is mostly lighhearted instead of dramatic. Lastly, if you are going to read this, be aware that it really gets good in the second volume, and that the first volume is not particularly noteworthy. Now then, let’s actually talk about this thing instead of just around it.


The premise is pretty easy. Itsuki Keitarou is a second year middle school(?) (yes, author confirmed it’s middle school) student who has a naturally mean-looking face, even though he’s a decent guy. One day he falls in love with a girl named Tokujira Aoi who reads in the library every day silently (he’s a library committee member). The reasons he falls for her are 1) she’s extremely beautiful and 2) she actually looks at him like it’s whatever (and he also saw her crying a bit while reading once and put a lot of significance into that moment). Looking at him as if he’s normal means a lot to him, since most people run from him scared just because they saw his face. So, on this thin basis, he goes and confesses. It goes poorly.


Later he attempts to talk to her again due to happening to come across her, but she doesn’t seem to remember him and also looks at him like he’s a monster. He flees, horribly depressed.

At home he explains what happened to his older sister, and she justifiably tears him down for getting the wrong idea and being needlessly beaten up over it. He mentions that things would probably be different if he didn’t have a natural scowl and glare, and falls asleep.

…But he only fell asleep because his sister spiked his drink and he wakes up looking like this.


No need to harp on it: this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You just have to roll with this or give up on it. Especially the eyes. I do think it wouldn’t have hurt to make the
“transformation” via crossdressing more believable by giving Itsuki a more girlish face, but I managed to suspend my disbelief so whatevs. By the way, wondering about the much larger irises/pupils? Contacts.

Anyway, his sister did this because Itsuki wanted to change. This may not be how he wanted to change, but his sister is kind of a troll and loves teasing him so that’s that. She sends him of to walk out in town and see what it’s like. From here on, he starts developing character a bit since everyone treats him like a normal person while crossdressing, so his mental wounds begin to heal just from this experience. He also ends up coming across Tokujira again, who kinda gets in a mess because she whacked a guy with her bag, and that guy moves to deck her. Itsuki comes to in the nick of time to tank the hit, then escapes with Tokujira in tow.


Struck by this girl’s manly presence, Tokujira decides to reveal a few things.

Firstly, she suffers from one of the more irritating traits for a love interest to have: androphobia (“fear of men”, its equally bad partner being “gynophobia” or “fear of women”). She can’t look men truly in the eyes (to her, they look like scary faceless dudes), shrinks away from them, finds them abhorrent, and gets an awful sensation from touching them. I am not saying that fear of the opposite sex is unrealistic, I’m just saying it’s a very annoying thing to see in fiction. Tokujira does earn some browny points quickly, though: she is fully aware that her fear is unjustified, and she wants to get over it. She thus requests that this heroic stranger become her partner. That is to say, as she is so masculine, Tokujira hopes that interacting with the girl (named “Itsuki”) will help her get over her fear of men. She’s fed up of steering clear of them and treating them awfully, even regretting that she hurt someone earlier (actually Keitarou, though she doesn’t know his face). Itsuki accepts the proposal to help train Tokujira to become more used to men. To do so, he decides he will crossdress in order to get closer to her. He vaguely hopes that after all the lies he’s engaging in so that he can learn more about her and hopefully find a way to make her fall for him, a good ending will be in store. There, that’s the premise. It’s really nothing new. Itsuki Keitarou is the titular “boy who cried wolf”, and it will likely come to bite him in the ass down the line. Meanwhile, he and Tokujira will try to grow as people and get over their complexes. They’ll become friends, get more self-assured: all that stuff.


As a premise, I’ll be honest: this really didn’t do anything for me, and most chapters in the first volume didn’t really change my tune. I thought “well, Itsuki’s crush on Tokujira is pretty flimsy and he’s kind of a baka” and over time I thought “these two don’t really have much in common”. Tokujira was also, as a heroine, just…not that interesting. I still picked it up, though. I specifically started reading it early, while volume 1 was still being translated. The scanlation group that’s picked up the series, Hachimitsu Scans, focuses on and has translated a ton of manga that feature crossdressing, gender bending, and homosexual romance (not explicit yaoi, really) which I like to read about for some reason (for instance, they translated Reversible!, Bokura no Hentai, and Himitsu no Akuma-chan), and Ookami Shounen was a new one. So I was like “Hell, I’ll read this”, and it was decent so I stayed with it.


But honestly, it wasn’t really winning me over. Like this character: “the overprotective and thus possibly gay best friend who is a total relationship blocker”. This is Kurashiki Botan, and when she was introduced I instantly disliked her. This is another kind of character that’s just bad news. Typically a highly aggravating girl who just gets in the way and isn’t even funny. Speaking of funny, in retrospect it’s funny I thought that.


Botan is the best friend of Tokujira (who she calls “Ah-chan”). She’s a kouhai (junior) to her senpai (seniors) Itsuki and Tokujira by one year. At first, she really just seems to embody the stereotype of the protective female friend interloper and that’s pretty much it. Volume 1 ends with nothing much to her, and about a year later (yes, a full year, when the next volume released) I continued to read it, thinking I might drop this or something.

But volume 2 changed everything.



During one of their (friendly) dates, Itsuki is brought to a small used bookstore that Tokujira thinks will have some books Itsuki will like. It turns out to be Botan’s home, and her family’s store.


At this point, Botan starts earning points like nobody’s business.

We learn that Botan’s pretty multi-faceted: she’s on the track and field club, but also the library committee (along with Itsuki), and she likes reading (later, we learn she especially likes American comics). She’s the one in charge of her family’s bookstore displays, which Itsuki naturally complimented.


And what’s really important about this bit is that we learn Tokujira actually fell in love with books because of Botan’s influence.

Botan proceeds to become more and more likable with each subsequent appearance. She is a strong-willed, extremely good-natured person who really was just being protective of Tokujira because the girl kinda needed protecting, and after Itsuki vouches for…himself (while crossdressing, he explains to her that Keitarou isn’t a stalker), she lets off of him, later apologizes, but still remains justifiably suspicious (and not in a “running gag” sense; she’s really just not positive she can trust him or Itsuki (“girl”) because their methods to help Tokujira might be a little too much at times).

Over time, Itsuki interacts with Botan more while not crossdressing and we get more of an impression of her character. She’s blunt as Hell, but also mischievous and cute. She’s got extremely charming likes and interests (tomboyish and girlish), and her expressions are hilarious. She is highly responsible, open-minded, and doesn’t flip out due to accident as heroines are wont to do almost 100% of the time (she just lets it roll off her back, basically). And even better, it was becoming clear that although she wasn’t really aware of it (SO CUTE), she was developing a crush on her senpai, Itsuki, who actually turned out to be a decent dude who was into what she was into and had great chemistry with her. After finishing chapter 11, I realized with dread, “Oh shit, Botan is best girl”.


“This is bad,” I thought, “not again; it’s happening again.” But she wouldn’t stop, she just got better and better. Into the latest chapters, the raws, she is still becoming more likable. She is an immensely cute girl with a great personality and a wonderful heart, not 100% kind but not an awful grouch either, just…reasonable (and I so value reason). Volume 2 eventually got fully translated, I stopped, and I reread everything. I was now in a trap, having become invested in the series, and my only means of solace would be finding out if Botan even had a snowball’s chance in Hell of victory. I would not be able to stomach this if she ended up heartbroken in the end.

So let’s get back to Tokujira. I examined closely her scenes and considered the overall plot with detail. Tokujira hates men. Over time, it also seems like she might, might prefer women. She isn’t sure though. For instance, she says she wants to try falling in love at least once, and she doesn’t mean “with a girl” when she says that. She’s got first volume cover, first girl, and “MC’s first love” buffs applied to her that give her high Resistance to loss, with great bonuses toward victory. However, her problems with men in combination with her feelings about women make me not see much of a future for heterosexual romance for her. Her character arc is also mostly about becoming a stronger person, but not about romance. Itsuki finds more things he likes about her, but she has no reason to fall for “him”. Furthermore, her relationship with Itsuki is built on lies. When it falls, it won’t be good, and I can’t really see how they can recover from it into a romantic relationship. And this brings us back to Botan.


When it comes to Tokujira’s conflicts you can’t ignore Botan. Not only is she her best friend, Botan was integral to Tokujira’s development as a person. Tokujira doesn’t have any friends aside from her, but it was thanks to her that she was even ever able to open up at all. Between the two of them, Botan is also the more confident and mentally tough character. I suspect, and I’m not sure about this (THEORY TIME) that if and when things go south because Itsuki’s crossdressing secret has been exposed, the person who will be key to mending the resulting broken relationships will be Botan, as she just strikes me as that kind of gentle and forgiving soul. Itsuki’s crush on Tokujira therefore becomes the central issue. One cannot underestimate an MC’s ability to densely be blind to the objectively better choice. They will stay true to their feelings no matter how silly those feelings might be. That said, Itsuki’s feelings are very silly, something the manga is absolutely aware of and explicitly points out. His “romance” with Tokujira is written in an unrealistic, fairy tale-like manner quite deliberately. He calls himself “the boy who cried wolf”, Tokujira has the nickname of “Thorn Princess” for her prickly nature, and lots of fantastical imagery is employed whenever either of them consider romance. I can see that namo knows this and kind of pokes fun at it. Botan, however, has a significantly stronger rapport with Itsuki than Tokujira has. Their relationship builds more naturally, and everything about it feels more believable. Also, when it comes to Botan, romance becomes a greater focus to her character than it does for Tokujira who, as previously stated, is more about building confidence and getting over her fear of men. I think, I. THINK. that namo-sensei is writing a story about the value of friendship, improving oneself, perception and confidence, and also a nice romance. With Botan. To be clear, a nice romance with Botan and Itsuki.


If namo does this, like I think he(?) is, then Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru will be one of the best manga I have ever read. Botan is a lovely character and honestly the manga is worth reading for her alone. She really just makes the read extremely pleasant, fluffy, swell, and fun. And for the manga proper, I would really enjoy seeing a subversion of expectations to this level, in order to tell a touching story about getting over your own faults and also finding a sweet and touching love. If namo does this, then it’s an easy high recommendation from me. If he doesn’t, then I’ll probably lose it. It seems that fans of this series all want Botan to win (even in Japan). I want to see it too. If I ever list this series as highly recommended (check the tags) you will know how I feel about the ending. That said it’s going to take a long time. This has a very slow release schedule, and there’s about one or maybe two volumes a year. And the scanlators wait for volume releases to translate. This isn’t an easy ride to get on. Join me only if you’re ready for it.


And experience a truly awesome girl.

This extremely cute series is also quite funny, and the story becomes very compelling, with or without the romantic aspects, in volume 2. It’s a very, very good manga, regardless of how it might end. Even though I haven’t talked much about her, Tokujira actually becomes pretty great too as we get more of her quiet, awkward character (and she approaches lesbian dilemma). namo has thus been put on my radar. I’ve also read Go!Go! madoromi chan. (Madoromi-chan ga Iku.) by him and it’s mighty cute/amusing so I definitely recommend it. I hope to read more from him into the future.

If you decide to join me on the dark path of wondering how this series will end — well, you’re crazy, but alright. Please consider buying the tankoubon! You may purchase them from Bookwalker (guide), CDJapan, honto (guide), or ebookjapan. And here’s namo’s twitter account: @namo_. Ahh, that was a strange review. Hm.

Okay, bye. Thanks for reading! See ya in a few weeks. And remember, Botan is best girl.cute-as-a-botan

P.S.: This is another series which offers its latest chapters for free. [Link]

61 thoughts on “Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru

  1. what struck me about ookami shounen at the beginning is that it actively warns you that it’s going down the road of disaster through the mc’s older sister warning the mc.

    also yeah botan has been on track for best for a while now. when’s itsuki going to get more character? :/

  2. Hoodspirit says:

    The review mirrored my thoughts exactly! Luckily I stumbled upon it while V2 was already in the process of being translated. WIth only V1 available I would have never picked up again after a long break.
    I hope the manga will continue the path of ‘overcoming your crush by recognising your natural fit in front of you’. The wonderfull V2 has earned the right to follow the manga till the end for me.
    However I fear it will not end to my liking. The boy who cried wolf tale never had a happy end in the first place.

    Too provide more examples of best girl being the second one is Blood Lad. Not worth to read it, first girl won here as well despite having no personality till the very end and the MC having had no reason to ever fall for her to begin with. Best girl had way more interacting scenes and even confessed.

    However in Chrome Shelled Regios best girl won, first girl even had the childhood friend bonus here, Best girl also beat the ‘perfect housewife’ and the ‘inspiring leader’. Though that is a Light Novel and very few people can really come to like it from the discussions I read. I can only explain it with some kind of stigma from the times were no translation was available and people just spoilered themselves from rough summary. It is fully translated by now and the main accusation the LN faces is plain wrong.

    • >Chrome Shelled Regios
      Ahh, you mean Felli, right? I never watched it, actually, but I somehow ended up with a lot of pictures of Felli. She seemed like a great character

      Really hoping this series pulls through.

      • Hoodspirit says:

        If you say ‘watch’ I assume you talk about the anime, and you are right not to have ever watched it. It’s really bad. If one just watches the anime one would think it’s a typical overpowered MC shounen comedy Harem fighting story with High School slice of Life. Heck even the out of nowhere end boss in the anime gets killed in a single flashy attack w. That scene didn’t happen in the Light Novel though. The anime actually stops before it comes to the good parts and designed an ending which made a second season impossible.

        The Light Novel is more seinen and a very slow journey of the psychological development of the MC. He fails a quite hard a few times. That lead reading people to the most often heard claim that he would be a neverchanging emo. However he was only an emo for 2 paragraphs after his biggest fail in social life, and even that was just a recap of what happened in the timespan of the big fail till the story picked up again, it’s not even 0.1% of the story w. Not to say the LN didn’t have flaws,lots of it actually, but those had nothing to do with the MC. It has some points in which it excels, one would be the struggling MC, Felli’s development and the fighting is very well written towards the ending. The fight before the last enemy is most likely the best written fight ever.
        You can read it at baka-tsuki if you want, it’s fully translated. With its 25 books it’s nothing for the impatiant type of people though.

        Aaaanyway, four more months till Ookami shounen gets translated again. I share your opinion that it well end with the 4th volume. If namo sticks with overflowing guilt picture this should be the half time, where the happiness is at its peak and ends and the drama starts.

        • Kinda hard to WRITE a fight. I’m somewhat curious about it.

          Also, I actually think Ookami Shounen might end with volume 5, but I’m not positive. I think one more volume after 4 would be able to satisfactorily tie everything up.

  3. Silver Grove says:

    Well it has been a while since you post and it has gone the way you predicted so far. But I can’t help but feel like the author knows that Botan is the best girl but he is trying to make Aoi the winner.
    When I started to appreciate the character of Botan, I had the same reaction as your : “Oh God please not again”.
    And I feel that all of the troubles will be given by the fact that the MC will stay true to his feelings.
    I never wished so hard for a couple to happen since Spice and Wolf which end left me utterly heartbroken.
    I swear that if the author breaks Botan heart or pair her with some random character, I take the first plane to Japan and give him a piece of my mind.
    It’s not even about going along the fans shippings. It’s just that the relationship between Botan and Itsuki feels so natural, so well-done, it seems like a heroine story. You could toss aside Aoi and make Itsuki and Botan meet in some way and it would be such a great story.
    Even when thinking about why Itsuki “likes” Aoi :
    1. She is really beautiful
    2. She looked at him without fear
    That applies for Botan too :
    1. She is beautiful. And cute.
    2. She didn’t fear him because of his face, just made fun of it
    3. She is the only girl who learned who he is without him needing to crossdress or any other bullshit
    Why in the world MCs are such unfair people ? She even went out of her way to confess and even kiss him while Aoi was avoiding him but he just won’t look her way. That is just fucking unfair.
    I hope that the author won’t make the mistake to prioritize the first girl just because she is the first girl. I would really hate it.

    • I think it’s not a done deal. You may have seen my thoughts on the situation on batoto, but if you haven’t like you I recognize that the entire story only really makes sense if Botan wins. I’m still hopeful but we’ll see. In about a week, the next chapter will come out. I have a feeling it will make things clear for better or worse. I am genuinely anxious by the way. Seriously invested in this manga

      • Silver Grove says:

        No I didn’t see your post on Batoto. Can I ask for a link so I can go and check it out ?

        I am anxious about this manga too.
        But I can’t shake the idea that author is gonna play one of the numerous card he has for Aoi : first girl, first love, MC’s “loyalty”,…

        I really am afraid to see how it will go. I even considered dropping the series so that I can convince myself of how it will end.

        • It’s still on the first page of the comic’s comments, from August 12th apparently. I’m Swifft there.

          I’m not going to say have hope, but will say it’s a bit disappointing how little faith people have in namo despite there actually being little reason for it other than “other authors fuck up”. Not all authors go first girl only, mind you.

  4. Silver Grove says:

    You are right, namo will surely surprise us by not following those odd “rules”.
    After all, we were all surprised by how Botan started from “annoying best friend who is only a wall between them” to “one of the best “best girl” there ever was”.

  5. Silver Grove says:

    Dear Terrence.

    Since I don’t know where I should make this kind of request, I’m doing it here.

    Do you plan to read or are you reading the manga “Taisho Otome Otogibanashi” ?
    I really like that one so I would like to know what you think about it.

    • I thought I didn’t know what you were talking about, but I do actually. It’s in my backlog and I’ve been looking forward to reading it. I didn’t realize it’s actually complete at 5 volumes. I hope that’s a natural conclusion and not a cancellation.

  6. Silver Grove says:

    Yeah I think the same. But don’t you think it is a Toradora-like situation ?
    I mean both girls like the hero and know that the other like him so they try to throw him in the other arms with the hero knowing for each girl feelings but no having a clear idea of who he really likes betweem the two

  7. Silver Grove says:

    Oh yeah ? Well you have your reasons. Toradora was one of my first light novel (I don’t really like the anime) and aside of the excessive and unnecessary amount of drama (just like in Golden Time), I found it good. Maybe you could make a post and tell what you didn’t like about it ? Because most of the fans of romances and whatnot like it.

    • The excessive and unnecessary amount of drama.

      And really, REALLY, my big issue is that Toradora is any teen romcom movie from America. That’s all it is and I don’t care for it.

      • Silver Grove says:

        Is that so ? I rarely watch American shows, furthermore I never watched any teen romcom American show so I couldn’t tell.

  8. Silver Grove says:

    Ah ! Another thing.

    Am I ,perhaps, annoying you by constantly posting on this section and even sometimes about things that aren’t related to the subject of the post ?

  9. Silver Grove says:

    Oh thank goodness. I get it a lot you know ? That I am awfully talkative (writative?) and that I always talk about everything and nothing at the same time. I’m glad that it doesn’t bother you too much!

  10. Silver Grove says:

    Hey Mr. Terrence, do you know the Koten-bu series ? Or at least the anime adaptation named Hyouka ? If you do, what do you think of it ?

    • I liked it but never finished it. No reason for that, I just have a bad habit of not finishing anime if I don’t watch it all at once or almost all at once. I think I didn’t see the last two episodes.

  11. Silver Grove says:

    Oh I see. But the novel goes way further after the anime end. And it doesn’t look like there will be a second season even if it’s one of my dearest wish.

    And what do you think of Horimiya ?

    • I haven’t read it. Opinions kind of sound mixed on it nowadays, and considering it’s somehow 11 volumes and still ongoing I’m not surprised (that sounds far too long for the premise). I’m not sure I’ll read it, honestly. It’s not in my backlog at least.

  12. Silver Grove says:

    I see. Yeah somewhere in my reading, I felt like the author was going way past what he planned since the beginning.

    I’m looking for a new manga to read but I have a hard time finding one that fits my preferences. Which one can you advise me that is a romance(no harem or love triangle), comedy(not necessarily),that can be a slice of life, ecchi(not necessarily).

  13. Silver Grove says:

    Ah I know this one. But there isn’t really any romantic development. Just from time to time but nothing really exciting. Well, the ecchi was sure to be quite heavy. The whole concept of the manga is based on it. But thank you for your advice !

  14. Silver Grove says:

    Wow. I just read the synopsis and some info on the characters and it looks like a really crazy show. But thank you anyway. Maybe I’d try reading it when I have more free time.

  15. gantifandor says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this
    This is the first time I got really invested in someone actually winning
    I’m so happy I was on this ride

  16. Silver Grove says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Terrence ! It’s been a while since I was invested in a manga to the point to drop anything I was doing when I see a new chapter !

    In the end, true love is the winner !
    Although everything I said, I can’t help but feel a little bad for Aoi (probably because the last chapters were made in a way so that we can like her better) and feel like it was kinda rushed. Well, not rushed but fast nonetheless.

    But who cares ! It was great ! It was sweet ! It was very heartwarming !

  17. Silver Grove says:

    Hi Mr. Terrence ! How are you ?

    I just wanted to ask you : do you know the manga Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san ? If so, what do you think of it ?

    • It’s not incredibly likely seeing as I try to highlight less than popular series UNLESS I have a lot to say about it, and I don’t have too much to say about Takagi (and never have; even when it wasn’t popular I never thought very much of it). Right now, although the series had VERY humble beginnings it’s really exploding in popularity. Not too much reason in pointing it out in that case especially when I’m not *particularly* fond of it. Most likely, most people have heard of Takagi at this point and know how they feel about it. More will with the upcoming anime.

  18. Axysyxa says:

    Read on your rec. I’d read a few chapters before but had more or less dropped it, and on the whole I’d say your rec is well-deserved. There was a spot around chapters 16-18 where I thought the Toradora comparisons would be very appropriate (note: I did enjoy Toradora quite a bit, but it was also one of my first animu ever), but they ended up moving forward surprisingly quickly, especially for the genre.

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