Lack of updates? There’s a reason!


bkub is pretty cool


hullo, strange reader who’s concerned about why my site says “updates every other week” and I’ve basically slowed down to once a month at best — why is that?

Is it because I’ve felt a lack of inspiration? No. Running out of material to discuss? HECK no. Series I decided to review are too long? Okay, kind of that but not totally. It’s not a serious reason so don’t worry if you’re the kind to worry.

Basically for the past while I’ve been trying to get a better job than the one I currently have, and I did pretty recently. It was a largely distracting process, but now I’m becoming a professional English teacher. I’ll be moving to Japan to teach English in June, at which point I can’t see why I wouldn’t get even busier. So, if suspicious absence has you worried, worry no longer, I’ve just got less time to do stuff.

Oh and there are great video games out right now. I mean, come on, NieR: Automata? I wasn’t going to AVOID playing that! Mostly just busy though. Actually when I start my new job teaching I may have a surprising amount of downtime and could potentially have more time to read manga. We’ll see!

That is all. K bye.


21 thoughts on “Lack of updates? There’s a reason!

  1. euklyd says:

    I hope everything goes well with your new job! I was one of those strange readers wondering, so this update is definitely useful.

    (Oh my god, yet another Person With Good Opinions™ talking about how amazing NieR: Automata is. I really do have to get it soon…)

  2. Thanks!

    And double thanks! Well, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long while! Like everyone else, I wasn’t expecting a sequel, let alone one with Platinum on the gameplay.

  3. Take your time. Sadly, real life try to crush us whenever possible and I understand that. I really like your posts, as they are really of high quality (IMO) and made me start some series which I now love.

  4. Colin says:

    Teach English in Japan? Check out a webcomic called “Let’s Speak English” if you ever have the time.
    Good luck!

  5. Forex says:

    Hello! You have a very entertaining site. I hope you’re doing okay now. So here it is. Have you read the new chapter of Ookami Shounen? Things are getting real interesting now. Like SUPER interesting.

    • Hello~ Thanks! I’m doing well indeed, and if I’m not dumb about it I should have 3 new reviews up this week.

      I’m up to date with the raws of Ookami Shounen. Things get crazier.

  6. Anon says:

    Hey terrenceswiff. Have you read Made in Abyss? It’s a dark manga, but if you can handle messed up stuff it’s really good.
    It’s only got 30-40 chapters too, so it doesn’t take long to read it.

    • Not yet, it’s in my backlog mainly because a lot of the pages I saw looked gross, and gore isn’t my cup of tea. However I got some anons to pitch it to me and apparently it’s not THAT gory, people just love to post gore from it.

      Also, from what I can tell that series is surprisingly lewd. I’ll have to see how I feel about that and whether I think it gels with the atmosphere and feeling of the manga.

      • Anon says:

        It’s not really that gory. It’s just that there are a couple of scenes that are incredibly brutal and people love to post them for shock value.

        As for the lewdness. It’s tame. There’s a couple of scenes of nudity here and there, and some jokes but it’s not reallly prominent.

  7. jl1031 says:

    Hey, I’ve been reading your reviews and they are pretty great! Especially for some less popular manga for which I desperately want to find others talking about. But I do notice a lack of war/military manga, maybe they are not your taste, but I really recommend checking this one out in particular: Groundless. It’s about this female sniper who joins the army out of vengeance after her husband is killed. The art isn’t always spectacular, but during the battle scenes, there are some detailed depictions that really get you hyped. Also, it portrays squad combat, politics, and war in general pretty realistically. Hope you check it out!

    • I actually know about Groundless and was going to read it, which, I think, is probably weird? I know about it from reading one of the author’s one shots, and it seemed really interesting (plus I liked the one shot, Debu to Bijin).

      I have no problem with war/military series. I like them a lot really, though I guess I don’t seek them out actively.

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