I’m Terrence Smith. I’m a writer. From 2009 to the end of 2014 I mostly worked for the indie game dev Dischan Media. Wrote Juniper’s Knot and co-wrote Dysfunctional Systems. I also can edit audio! Incredible. Graduated from William and Mary, and set up this blog so that I could write more things.

Credit to Tomi “yourbartender” Knuutila for the background
Kogasa in header drawn by katsumi5o
Ringo in favicon drawn by yudepii


If you ever need it, the password is one
You’re really not missing much, though.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Wait, what – you were the writer for Juniper’s Knot and Dischan?! I adored Juniper’s Knot. It was a wonderful story.

    Man, I did not expect to stumble upon a blog by you when I opened that Batoto thread (on Helck).

  2. oh. i really enjoyed juniper’s knot and dysfunctional systems. i wrote a post on a defunct blog a while back comparing the fusion bomb, in the eyes of us who know atom bombs, to the atom bomb in the eyes of those who know conventional bombs

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