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Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen (群れなせ!シートン学園, Come Together! Seton Academy) by Yamashita Bungo (山下文吾) is a comedy/light romance manga about a world (and a specific high school) full of animal-people that our protagonist, a human, loathes. Male “animals” look like their real-world counterparts, just standing upright; female “animals” have 10% furry features. Why? Fanservice. I like this series! And to fit in this “theme week” of sorts, it’s technically a “webcomic” like Unsounded and 4 Cut Hero; it is, however, more traditional than either, basically just being the web equivalent of running in a manga magazine (similar, but not exactly the same as Ura Sunday, for instance). There is, however, a twist. Murenase! runs on Cycomi/Cycomics, where it typically enjoys second place among the publication’s series (at the time of this writing, it’s #1; [here’s] its series page, by the way). The twist is, the whole comic is free, as with any webcomic (I think (I’m really not sure (please don’t hold me to that (it seemed to work that way for me)))). If you want to be able to comment on chapters, though, you can sign up [here], but otherwise just go to Cycomi and proceed to read whatever you like on there. It’s really easy to register, by the way: use Google translate or something for the little you need to know. When you want to log in, find where it says ログイン on the site later (top right). Now, although Murenase! is well regarded on this site (and on the Western Internet, at least to a degree), I wouldn’t say it’s a HIT or anything; Cycomi isn’t a major publication. Also, you can’t buy it. It’s been running for seven months or so and has enough material to fill maybe two volumes, but for some reason? No tankoubon. Weird.
But…yeah! Pretty good comic. It’s full of animal facts and cheeky humor and has a fun cast of characters that is not a harem for the protagonist. That said, it’s technically a love triangle, but it’s weird about that and the main heroine is obvious/destined from the first chapter, so don’t think about it too much. It really is just a fun little comic to pick up and read, so it didn’t surprise me to see it quickly picked up for translation after it had started. You should probably read it, too!murenase shiiton gakuen -00

There are actually three other versions of this , [here], [here] and [here].
Premise of this one is real simple. Heck, I already said most of it in the introduction. The protagonist is Mazama Jin, who says he hates animals (he calls them “beasts”), and has his eyes on the only other human in school (a female named Hitomi) because she is human (at least, that’s all he says). He’s one of the strong aspects of the series, because he can be really, genuinely a dick, and his being a dick almost makes him play an occasional “fool” role. He’s not what I’d call a “lovable rogue” or something, he’s just super mean and dismissive toward animals.



Also the teachers are dinosaurs.
You may have noticed the TL note in the first of these two pages: yeah, pretty much every character has a name that’s incredibly obvious; just the Japanese word for the name of the animal. For example, the main heroine’s surname is “Okami”, meaning “great wolf”. Let’s talk about her next.



Randomly one day, Jin comes across Okami Lanka in the cafeteria. She’s immediately on guard because animals tend to be when you stumble upon them while they’re eating along, but to get her less tense he gives her his food. This prompts her excitement, and we see that she is TINY. It’s ADORABLE.


Chapter 1 is basically about Lanka, not Jin. Lanka has a dream of making a pack with all kinds of animals, because a mysterious little boy saved her in the past from a group of Pooh bears.




Of course, the boy was Jin. Who else would it be?


After school, Jin finds himself oddly intrigued by the wolf’s proclamations, though he tries to ignore it. Still, he ends up rescuing her a second time from bears after hearing her in trouble that night. It’s not that heroic, but it did earn him some points from me.murenase-shiiton-gakuen-14

After he witnesses Lanka’s conviction and a short battle

the next day, for whatever reason, Jin decides to join her pack.





This happens a lot, and not only to Jin.
With chapter 1 over, the rest of the series is about Lanka trying to increase the size of her pack, as well as episodic chapters featuring animals that get specific focus and gags. Jin and Lanka join a cooking club with Hitomi to make this a little easier, and all the while Jin is a big ol’ grouch who insists he hates animals, while simultaneously knowing a great deal about them and helping them often.


That’s right: Jin is a tsundere. That said, it’s an unusual type, because he does genuinely get annoyed by animals frequently. Anyway, over time we also get a koala


a sloth



and a cat who join the pack.


They’re all cute, Miyubi (the sloth) is the cutest, and there’s not much more to say! Especially since I don’t really want to give away jokes.


The series pretty much is what it is. If you like what you see, I suggest you go off and read it. I highly recommend it, if only since it seems to be a winner for just about anyone who actually gives it a chance. It’s fun, consistently good (only one chapter was eeeehh (the one where Lanka gets really bossy)), and it’s like watching the Discovery Channel or something — so much animal trivia and jokes based around said trivia. As a reader noted, it should be said that the trivia is not always true, not that that makes it less amusing.


Big Boss would be proud. Man, Lanka is friggin’ great, all the time, always. I like how she drools a bunch but is still mega cute. Maybe that’s my dog-lover bias, but a lot of readers picked this up and continued to read it for her alone. She gets even better during the sports festival arc.

I’ll also say that there are some really good butts in this series. I would like that.



And lastly, I’ll mention that a half serious arc is presently occurring in the manga with nonstandard developments. I don’t believe that the series is ending (it’s a flagship of Cycomi, very young, no tankoubon have been compiled (scratch that, finally got one), and there’s plenty more that can be done with the premise), but it might be changing in somewhat significant ways shortly. Just something to keep in mind (and keep in mind, I was right; it didn’t end). Oh, and while the translation is one of the better ones around (dealing with puns like with Mitsuboshi Colors (not as crazy), and he even translates furigana readings!), I should warn the sensitive Nancy sorts that his credit pages are known to offend those with thin skin. Be careful, I guess!
End of article. Thanks for reading, reader! That’s all, I think? Yep. Told you this one would be short. See you in a few weeks. Also, I may not have ways that you can use to support this series monetarily, but I have some helpful links~
Yamashita Bunko’s twitter

Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen official site.
Cycomi/Cycomics registration, lets you be able to comment: [link]
The series is biweekly, so released every other week.

Volume 1
Bookwalker (guide)
honto (guide)

Yamashita Bungo’s ebookjapan author page: [link] | You may be interested in his first series, another RomCom called Kyupiko! ~Fujimatsu Tenshi no Mismanagement~.

34 thoughts on “Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen

  1. tropod says:

    >Miyubi (the sloth) is the cutest


    >the one where Lanka gets really bossy

    Her comeuppance/crying face at the end made it at least 8/10 though I thought.

    >The twist is, the whole comic is free as long as you have an account

    Accounts seem only to be for commenting, at least on PC I can read and rip it just fine without ever having made an account.

    • I recall not being able to read a few chapters without one, but checking just now things worked fine without one, so I’m just going to say I know nothing. Edited to say that accounts seem to be for commenting on chapters. Thanks for the note.

      And thanks for commenting, mysterious helper. I am quite thankful for your work~

  2. nightman1 says:

    Terrence, what do you think is going on? To me, this manga is hilarious, and creative, and generally wonderful. Yet it’s got only two reviews on Baka Updates, and few comments and no reiview on My Anime List.

    Seriously, it’s one of the top manga I’ve encountered. Can you guess why it doesn’t seem to be popular. I sure can’t.

    • Depending on where you are it’s somewhat popular. There WAS a “drama” arc that irritated a lot of fans, apparently, so that might be one factor. Another might be how the original translator was told by the manga’s publisher to stop translating the comic (although it’s free, it’s still a site that runs on ads so I guess I get it). That meant no translations for a while. Furthermore even before that on batoto the comics got taken down because people were offended by the credit pages, so the staff nuked THE ENTIRE SERIES in a move that can only be described as overblown and moronic. Lastly I don’t think you can call it a wide-appeal series. It’s not a harem, exactly, and the rom-factor of this romcom is fairly low. Finally two out of three love interests are little girl type heroines (and for some crazy reason it seems a significant number of readers don’t like Lanka — what the hell), while the third is busty but has less development/personality. It’s a very good series and it’s still very popular on cycomi, where it’s hosted in Japanese, but I think because of these factors it hasn’t quite gotten a foothold in the West as it maybe could.

      • nightman1 says:

        Terrence, that is sad! First, Botato’s action is what I would have expected. They took down Nana to Koara, ostensibly in obedience to Google Ads, but I could see from that and other evidence that they were into censorship. For that reason, I avoid that outfit like the plague, and think everyone should too.

        The other factors AMAZE me. But they also highlight how much older than most manga readers I am. And how young people these days seem to be becoming more intensely moralist every year. Times change!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Such a shame the previous scanlator was a retarded provocateur from 4chan. Doing things to get reactions, and when people inevitably react, they act like victims. I’m glad a person/group with more common sense decided to pick it up.

      • nightman1 says:

        I guess I can see why they would stay anonymous. I’m looking forward to more.

        By the way, do you think the demise of Botato will mess up access to scanlated matter? I did some research on this question the other day and found an general impression that not many aggregator sites have the abillity to take uploads directly. Instead, they supposedly just grabbed from Botato. My fav, Kiss Manga was mentioned as one that only scrapes and doesn’t take uploads.

        • I guess, a little. But, it’s temporary.

          Batoto ended up centralizing a lot of scanlation most other sites just used it and profited that way. It’s not a big deal though. This always happens. There are a lot of sites that once were thought to be “the site for this one thing”. They went away, and were replaced. Batoto itself was a replacement. Something else will show up, it’ll just be inconvenient for a little while.

  4. Ah. Found this a while back and I’m planning to re-read it and the new several chapters that has been released since. It’s god-like and truly clicked extremely well with me. Sometimes you find that gem that you just love. It’s quite unusual and manages to be very interesting and funny all the time. This is pretty much a perfect score for me, perhaps a part of it was because of the novelty value but it just clicks so well with me. Damn that feeling is mysterious.

    • Unfortunately the later chapters have lost me quite a bit as Lanka’s become more and more sidelined. I don’t know how it’s even doing right now, but it basically wore my patience thin.

      • Hmm… Yeah, I can agree with that to some extent. I was sad about her getting less “screen”time. Luckily enough for me, that wasn’t a dealbreaker in my case even if she’s the one I’m hoping for as a finally romantic pairing with the mc(unless it’ll be a harem? Just talking about last chapter stuff as I want none of that until the very end).

        I mean, she’s always around even if she’s not getting much time and she gets her chapters every now and then.

        For me, my favorite parts were just the interactions between everyone and the new characters being introduced and how we’re shown all their weird animalistic personality quirks. That didn’t really decrease due to lanka being shoved aside a bit. I do wish he’d warm up a bit more to her than he has though. Even I start feeling a bit bad for her when she likes him that much but gets ignored most of the time.

        • The fundamental problem with this manga now is that, according to Baka, it hasn’t been updtated in 5 MONTHS. When it lost Rapeman Scans (however irritating it sometimes was), this wonderful manga fell into the doldrums of dead slow scanlation.

        • It’s definitely still getting attention, but not all over the place. That’s an issue, but in a sense, but it’s not why it’s gotten on my bad side lately.

          Fixed your typo!

        • I must also say that the entire thing at chapter 60 was a killjoy even if it wasn’t a dealbreaker. Seems the people of the school has life expectency similar to their animal counterparts. Seems kinda weird to me since they’re clearly an evolved version of their species that should have longer lifespans, I mean, they’re pretty much human.

          Maybe that’s why the scanlation team stopped? Perhaps they didn’t like that setting. I mean, they coincidentally stopped at that exact chapter.

          It was a kind of “f*ck you” to everyone who wants the mc to end up together with one or more of the non-humans. I mean, that’s just sad. Just that they’re good friends yet they will have to bury them in a few years sucks.

          It might be that the author was going to make the mice a special case but since we have no more chapters, it’s hard to know.

        • I believe people stopped scanlating it because it was running in circles and that Lanka (who was really what drew everyone in) was getting sidelined. At least according to quite a few complaints I’ve seen, that and Hitomi’s focus (Hitomi is fine, but she won’t “win” so it’s pointless to keep her legitimate) are what really killed interest. It’s still read by people weekly and the Japanese isn’t hard, but yeah. I don’t think the age thing was a real issue for most. Sad but inconsequential.

  5. Well, how nice! Some new chapters just yesterday. If I could give the escalator, /a/nonymous, a kiss, I would.

    “escalator” damnit!

    -actual fix-
    scan-lator. This “error” correction seems to come out of nowhere, and be very stupid. Is this a “feature” of WordPress?

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